Case Studies


Sara Lee Corporation

Problem: How to reduce very high costs of a large outside sales team servicing small to large accounts across the United States.

Solution: Use inside sales people to contact the smaller accounts on a regular basis, promoting and selling product. The program was tested within the organization and ultimately outsourced to J & J Haimes. A team approach was used where the outside and inside sales representatives both called on the larger accounts. The outside rep was there when s/he was needed to open an account, solve a problem, or demonstrate new products. The inside rep was there to maintain regular contact, take orders, present products, and support the outside sales rep's objectives.

From 1998 through 2011 J & J Haimes was the inside sales department of the shoe care division of Sara Lee Corporation. Our staff was responsible for outbound calls to retail stores, distributors, sports teams, etc. as well as providing customer service. In addition, our staff provided cold calling, prospecting, market research, and developed the online company store.

Result: These services ultimately yielded sales in excess of $7 million annually at a 3.8% sales cost. Research services offered by J & J Haimes specifically identified over 44,000 "doors" where Kiwi Brands shoe care products could be sold, including department, footwear, sports, and outdoor stores.


Problem: One of the smaller divisions of Ecolab was controlled by Master Distributors who serviced Ecolab customers. Without contact with their direct customers, the division was in jeopardy of losing the pulse of the marketplace and was concerned about the loyalty of the Master Distributors.

Solution: J & J Haimes established an inside sales program to contact the direct customers, present product, and take orders which were then placed through the Master Distributor of their choice.

Result: During the first three years, J & J Haimes accounts grew from $500,000 to almost $900,000 in annual sales. Sara Lee later acquired these products and ultimately sold them to Nakoma. J & J Haimes continues to represent these products on behalf of Nakoma selling to a core group of customers while seeking new business opportunities.



Problem: Filling the sales pipeline is paramount to sales success and a key corporate objective is new business. Sales representatives are more inclined to spend their time servicing existing accounts and tend to neglect making cold calls to prospective customers.

Solution: A team of three full-time J&J Haimes associates partner with outside sales representatives from twelve different International Paper plants. Working collaboratively, the inside and outside sales associates partner up to target customers, prospect accounts, set specific date and time appointments, and close the deal. Feedback via conversations with outside reps on a regular basis is critical to targeting the right accounts and moving the sales relationship to the next level.

Result: In the first nine months of working with us, one of the IP plants closed 8 business deals, including one worth over $1.5 million. Our inside rep called on one coffee company for over five years before getting the appointment, which the sales rep then closed for over $700K in annual business. A closed deal with a national clothing chain provided $4.8M in sales over four years.


Problem: With a large number of outside sales representatives, it was imperative that they be kept on the road seeking new business opportunities.

Solution: The services of J & J Haimes were utilized for a lead generation program using the appointment-making skills of our associates. A team of three were specifically assigned to Health America and charged with contacting small to medium sized businesses throughout Pennsylvania. Specific date and time appointments were scheduled for territory sales representatives with prospects that met Health America's qualifications.

Result: During our first year of partnership, the closed business yielded a gross sales volume of $48,650,145 ($8,108,357 annually) at a 1.2% cost of sales for J & J Haimes services. This level of return remained comparable for six years of partnership.

THE JAY GROUP (lead generation, appt setting AND database mgmt)

Problem: There was a pre-existing database of prospects and customers being used for generating leads and sending out marketing e-mail materials. The return rate of the e-mails was extremely high and The Jay Group wanted a dedicated lead generator to set appointments for their outside sales force. We were charged with using their existing database, cleaning it up, and working in partnership with several outside sales reps.

Solution: Records from the existing database were pulled out and used in our stand-alone database management system in order for our associates to work more effectively and quickly through the leads. Positive opportunities and records were updated in the existing database. In addition, to supplement the records they already had, J & J Haimes created new lists of various target markets in order to help The Jay Group find their "sweet spot" in the changing field of product fulfillment.

Result: A clean database of over 2500 records was developed over several years, and included company profile data such as number of employees, type of industry, SIC code, current vendor, etc. in order to target marketing strategies. More than 100 appointments were generated annually for the outside sales staff, including a closed deal with World Wide Wrestling.



Problem: World-wide manufacturers of printing equipment wanted to make sure they were at least aware of and involved in every potential opportunity for sales of new equipment. With only 24 machines sold annually, across a half dozen different box manufacturers, it was imperative that they knew where capital equipment expenditures were going to be made. Their objective was to be in on every potential deal.

Solution: Associates from J & J Haimes contacted every box manufacturer in the United States on a regular basis, once or twice a year depending on size, speaking with plant managers and other appropriate personnel. Through this process, our clients were able to maintain an inventory of the customers' equipment on site, obtain critical leads for parts and service, and uncover sales opportunities.

Result: In over six years of working with Bobst, our associates have generated 248 leads for new equipment or equipment upgrades. Over the first three years of the program, proposals valued at over $44.5M were generated from our leads.


Problem: There were a limited number of sales reps covering the entire United States. The program objective was to maintain contact with the existing and potential customer base, increase the frequency at which each account is "touched," introduce new equipment, invite key personnel to trade shows, and seek opportunities for sales of equipment, parts, and service.

Solution: J & J Haimes assigned one half-time person to the program. Using a VPN into the company, our associates input information directly into the same database management software used by the outside sales and marketing teams. Efforts were made to contact targeted companies at least quarterly.

Result: The client has constantly updated contact and company information. In addition, all prospects and customers, regardless of size, receive some type of contact from the client on a regular basis. In 2014, 45 leads for new equipment, upgrades, and parts generated at least 16 sales and over $450,000 in business.


Problem: Companies often have a temporary need to follow-up on marketing pieces or to prospect short-term for business opportunities. They want someone experienced and skilled in making outbound calls, but don't want to increase their payroll or risk using an unknown. It may be a seasonal need, a focus on a specific business segment, a small marketing campaign, or a need to fill their sales pipeline.

Solution: The client provided a spreadsheet of the companies they wanted to be called and an outline of the objectives. J & J Haimes' associates received training in the products or services, called from the spreadsheet, contacted decision-makers, and maintained impeccable records with regards to the prospect's current status. Time and money spent sending direct mail pieces to customers who were out of business or not within the target market were saved by updating the records. J & J Haimes' associates were not afraid to ask questions to maximize contact with an often difficult-to-reach decision-maker. We set specific appointments or highlighted those companies with any level of interest.


CONFIDENTIAL $3B MANUFACTURER – Consistently on the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For® List

Problem: A small customer service department, 2 full-time people, required overflow support during their busy season and when the individuals were on vacation, left early, or took a day off.

Solution: J & J Haimes filled that critical role on a part-time as-needed basis, billing the client only for the time used. When one of the team members left the company, J & J Haimes' staff was already trained and able to assign one full-time person the next day. When the other team member left the company, J & J Haimes took over 100% of the inbound calls plus other key responsibilities.

Result: We have fully integrated ourselves into their culture, believe in their core values, and expanded into other critical areas of the business. In one division, the client's employees were only answering 45% of the inbound calls. Using J & J Haimes' staff, over 90% of the inbound calls are answered by a live person. Freed of the time required to answer inbound calls, the client's staff can focus on other internal responsibilities.



Problem: AmeriGas has locations throughout the United States selling and servicing propane to consumers. Every district managed their program differently as AmeriGas bought smaller regional propane suppliers throughout the country. There was a desire for a more corporate structure with an emphasis on superior customer service and closing the sale.

Solution: Working with the management team, a specific script was established as to how to handle an inbound consumer call which could be objectively scored. Training personnel went across the country training the district managers in the required script who then trained their high-turnover staff. J & J Haimes established a program of calling into each location across the United States on a quarterly basis. The call was objectively scored against the script and customer service representatives were incentivized to do well. Those who did not score well were retrained and reevaluated to insure a positive consumer experience.

Result: A unified objective and tool for measuring customer service across a growing company was adopted.



Problem: Manufacturers of white boards had a significant issue with damaged merchandise by the time their products reached the retail stores. Questions were raised about whether Ghent was experiencing more of these issues than their competitors, whether the customers were satisfied with how these issues were handled, and whether there other ways this problem could be addressed.

Solution: J&J Haimes designed a survey to address these questions and contacted a representative sample of the customers by telephone. The results provided Ghent with the feedback they were looking for. In addition, the survey captured competitive market information, uncovered dissatisfied customers where an issue could be immediately addressed and solved, and provided a means to have customers rate Ghent and their competitors in ten areas.

Result: Surveys are conducted on a quarterly basis, allowing Ghent to measure their own progress and that of their competitors in areas such as product quality, speed of delivery, breadth of product offers, ease of ordering, etc. Customers who have an outstanding issue are immediately referred to Ghent for attention, offering the opportunity to solve a problem quickly and save a business relationship.


Problem: Garden Spot Distributors was interested in establishing a line of organic cleaning products. They wanted to know if there was a market within their limited existing customer base that would support this line of products.

Solution: A survey was designed and J & J Haimes' associates contacted customers by telephone to execute the survey. Results were tabulated and presented to the executives of Garden Spot Distributors. They were also provided with copies of the original surveys in order to prioritize those customers with the most interest.

Result: It was determined that over 60% of the customers were not selling any organic cleaning products or detergents. The majority of the customers felt that the interest in such products was increasing among their clientele. The level of interest in selling such a product line was sufficient for Garden Spot Distributors to launch this product line at a price point derived from the information gained through the survey.


Problem: As part of their Corporate policy High Concrete had surveys done after the completion of each project. Their vendor, however, while good at survey design and reporting, lacked the skill set to get the surveys done on a timely basis, and High Concrete did not have the personnel to accomplish the task internally.

Solution: High Concrete retained the services of J & J Haimes to conduct the surveys via phone or email. Three surveys were designed to address the areas of Contract Negotiation, Sales Estimating, and Engineering & Project Management. J & J Haimes maintained a list of completed projects and contacted the appropriate personnel knowledgeable in each of the critical areas. High Concrete was invoiced only for completed surveys.

Result: Surveys are getting done, results are provided to High Concrete on a regular basis, and they are able to use their corporate vendor to tabulate and analyze the results in conjunction with the rest of the High Industries, Inc. companies.

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