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Our goals remain what they have been since 1985: 

To do quality work, to enjoy what we do, and to make a profit.



We see ourselves as an extension of your business, acting as your voice in the marketplace. Therefore, we take our relationships with our clients and their customers to heart. To us, success is based not solely on TRANSACTIONS but on long-term PARTNERSHIPS that benefit everyone.


By focusing on developing and maintaining a highly qualified team, we can have a strong dialogue with business owners, purchasing managers, and supply chain directors. J&J team members are cross-trained on all accounts and services so that they can speak to the specific industry and gather qualifying information.


People no longer respond to canned responses or scripted interactions. They want real people interacting with them, and they want help solving their problems. We don't use scripts or flow charts; instead we listen to you and your customers and respond in real time in a friendly, human way.

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