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These days not only do you need to generate leads, opportunities, and revenue, but you also need to produce reports that prove that your team sourced or influenced the revenue. That’s why we bring focus and expertise in the areas of marketing data and analytics so that your team can do what they do best.


Market Research

Market research is the process of gathering information about your target market and customers to verify the success of a new product, help your team iterate on an existing product, or understand brand perception to ensure your team is effectively communicating. 

From identifying challenges and opportunities to organizing your information into key action points, J&J Haimes offers in-depth market research in all industries through online research, surveys, and calls to determine name recognition and market penetration.

Methods include:

  Interviews       Surveys       Focus Groups     •  Buyer Persona Research/ICP     

 Market Segmentation Research   •  Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Research     

  Brand Awareness Research       Campaign Research

Direct Sales w/

Customer Service

Good customer service provides a support system for customers and clients through information, assistance, and trust. Our direct sales programs keep clients satisfied by placing their needs and interests at the forefront of each interaction. Understanding clients' needs, resolving customer issues in real-time, and following up with clients to ensure they are thoroughly satisfied are all done on your behalf.  Our inbound communication services will support your customer service departments during peak hours, vacation time, or on an as-needed basis.

Our Goals:

  Invest in employee training       Improve first call resolution rate       Leverage software to increase efficiency      

 Measure and improve customer satisfaction

  Create a customer-first culture 

 Be the voice of the client in the Marketplace   

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