Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Do you want to develop more qualified business to business leads?
Would you like to send your sales staff on more productive appointments?
Do you want to improve your closing ratios?

A solid lead generation strategy can go a long way to increasing sales, improving your closing ratios and boosting your bottom line. At J&J Haimes, we can help you get there by providing qualified business to business leads that lead to more productive appointments and better closing ratios. In fact we've been helping businesses generate more leads and boost their bottom lines since 1985!

How do we do it? When it comes to generating leads for your business, we believe that quality, not quantity comes first. That's why our staff of trained professionals takes the time to ask the right questions, ensuring that every prospect is thoroughly pre-qualified to meet the criteria YOU set. This results in productive appointments and better closing ratios.

lead generation services include:

Measurable Results

Sales Reports

When you work with J&J Haimes, we provide you with detailed reports so you'll know how each and every lead we provide impacts your bottom line! Our reports include the statistical results of every dial - from the ones who don't meet your criteria to the ones that turn into sales.

Plus, we can work within your sales system for seamless integration with your current sales force.

So if you're ready for more qualified sales leads to grow your business, contact J&J Haimes today to discuss the needs of your organization.

The J & J Haimes Difference

We believe in partnerships, not clients. At J & J Haimes, we believe that our partnership with your company is a true relationship and that moving it forward is a shared responsibility. We value your input and encourage feedback from your outside sales staff to improve our efforts. In addition, we customize all of our services to the individual needs of each partner. Ultimately, we understand that the bottom line of business is sales and we share that common goal!

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