Our Story

Our Story

Joel and I started J & J Haimes in 1985 with the objective of establishing a company whose business practices and philosophies were our own. At the time, we were working with a small company in downtown Lancaster, PA with two partners. The partners had different objectives in mind, one being to develop a large call center. Our objective, on the other hand, was to concentrate on the quality versus quantity side of the up-and-coming business-to-business "telemarketing" industry. It was an era when companies were interested in decreasing their outside sales costs, bringing the servicing of smaller accounts inside, or combining customer service with outbound sales. Companies were interested in being more proactive versus reactive and were realizing that telemarketing could accomplish this effectively.

Jill & Joel Haimes

Jill and Joel Haimes

The first generation of J&J Haimes, the business was largely consulting. Having taught for several years in the Lancaster City School District and with the Lancaster-Lebanon Intermediate Unit 13, Joel was first and foremost, a teacher. It was his role to go into companies throughout the tri-state area, set up outbound "telemarketing" programs and retrain customer service teams to include making outbound calls. Joel interviewed, hired, and trained many top-notch inside sales representatives and revamped customer service teams to be more proactive and consultative in their daily sales support role.

Gradually, as the field developed, "telemarketing" became synonymous with high volume, low quality, scripted calls and, eventually, robot calls. We established ourselves as inside business to business sales, focusing on high quality, developing personal relationships and no longer using the word "telemarketing."

Meanwhile, with my background and interest in research, J & J Haimes' associates conducted hundreds of existing and potential customer surveys. Market research became a natural extension of the high quality telemarketing we had championed. These surveys allowed companies to learn their strengths and weaknesses, focus on growing their business by meeting the specific needs of their customers, and address specific areas for improvement. Companies were presented with statistics of how many people said what, and average ratings for price, quality, speed of delivery etc. More importantly, they were also given physical copies of every survey with direct comments from the customers, focusing on the "why" of their response.

The second generation of J&J Haimes occurred in the early 1990s when outsourcing became a buzz-word. Companies were interested in reducing overhead costs, with personnel becoming a key issue. Companies approached us and stated that since we were so good at training and developing their personnel to use the phone effectively, why didn't we do it ourselves? In addition, we hired outstanding staff for our clients, why didn't we hire them internally? So we did. Companies downsized, saved money on benefits, decreased the headaches of programs they didn't understand, and J & J Haimes grew as a consequence. We hired our own staff and companies outsourced their inside sales and lead generation programs to us.

As J & J Haimes LLC passed our 25th year in business, we continued to develop our repertoire of services by adding database management and inbound customer service to meet the growing needs of our partners. While all of our sales and lead generation programs incorporate list development and database management, other clients look to us to verify lists or to confirm and obtain information for website store locators and customized marketing programs. Our customer service inbound services are perfect for companies who want a dedicated, well-trained person assigned to answering calls from their customers, not the typical call center. We are partners with our clients, we learn their culture and represent them as we ourselves would want to be represented. We stress answering the phone with a live person within three rings, treating people as individuals, and going above and beyond to exceed the expectations of their customers, not just ours.

In 2008, Joel was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer of the salivary gland. For six years he continued to be active in the business while fighting the disease with surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Throughout these years, Joel continued a very active role in the company while I gradually took on more of his responsibilities, and delegated some of my responsibilities to key associates. Joel passed away December 1, 2014. We miss him, his humor, his insight, his enthusiasm, his integrity, and his daily presence. The ideals he began teaching 30 years ago continue to be relevant and form a solid business model today.

J & J Haimes LLC, meanwhile, continues to thrive. We continue with our focus on doing quality work, enjoying what we do, and making a profit. These are simple goals and have always been the core of our business. We want to exceed the expectations of our clients, our partners. We value their business, our relationships, and our friendships. As an employer, we seek to retain our associates long-term and work with them to grow personally and professionally. We hope that those associates who leave our company go on to do great things, a better person for having worked here.

As J & J Haimes LLC approaches the future we continue to maintain the integrity of our core goals as we experience the slow growth that allows us to perform quality work that meets our high standards. We remain focused on our core competences of market research, lead generation, inside sales, and customer service and look forward to many more years of expanding our relationships with current clients while introducing new clients to the unique services of J& J Haimes."

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